Choosing The Right Car Shipping Company

Car shipping has become more and more popular as an increasingly mobile population relocates for work, love or quality of life. The internet has played a role in the increasing need for a car shipping company, as well. People can now see the perfect car online and have it shipped from anywhere in the world. Whether you are shipping a car across country or across the world, there are certain things you should know. First of all, not all car shipping companies are of equal quality. Secondly, prices can vary widely from extremely expensive to fairly reasonable. The speed at which your vehicle will reach to the desired destination is a third consideration.

For many people their car is one of their most important and valuable investments. Before placing it into the hands of a shipping company you must do your research. Is the company licensed and insured? Do they have a solid track record for delivering cars on time and in good condition? Do they have a simple and effective system for processing damage claims? Have they been reported to the better business bureau? These are some of the important questions you need answered before you entrust your vehicle to a shipping company. If you are not comfortable with the responses to those questions then don’t use them.

Cost is another important factor when shipping a car. A number of factors impact price. The value of your car, the speed with which you want it delivered and the distance you need it shipped all affect cost. If you require special packaging or you want door to door service there may be an additional charge. Shipping your vehicle overseas is also is more expensive than moving it cross country. Import/export fee, port charges and a number of other factors can drive up cost. Choose a company with reasonable prices.

The speed at which you want your car is shipped is another important consideration. When transporting vehicles within the country, shipping companies have several options. They can move it by train, truck or have it driven. The faster you want the car shipped the more it will cost. Call around and compare prices.

No matter which company you choose, you must prepare your car for shipping. Remove or pad any fragile or valuable things inside the car. Notify the service of any leaks coming from your vehicle. Photograph your car inside and out. Look closely at the contract and get all agreements in writing. And make sure to inspect the car for damages when it arrives.

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