Car Shipping Quotes

Car shipping quotes are based on a number of different factors, including distance, season and size of vehicle. It is wise to do extensive research months before traveling, moving or relocating so you can get the best rate. If your travel schedule is more flexible, you can get a better price.

“What are Car Shipping Rates Based on?”

Car shipping rates are based on the following factors:

  • Demand
  • Destination
  • Distance
  • Taxes
  • Season
  • Size
  • Supply
  • Weight

Don’t allow a car shipping company to distract you with extensive discussions about the price, age or make
of your car. Some might want to add expenses for more safety packing that protects the vehicle from damage. While a nominal fee might be warranted, it shouldn’t be too high.

Compare different insurance options. You might be able to get a better insurance rate by purchasing it separately from an insurance company.

Remember that the cost of manufacturing a shipping container is similar in most countries. A regular-sized car fits into a 20-foot container. If you share a container, it should reduce the price. The biggest differences in car shipping rates will be based on seasonal supply and demand.

“How Do I Get the Car Shipping Quote?”

When you have carefully done your research, you can negotiate the best price. Shop around and compare several quotes. Request that the companies break down the quotes into separate charges so you can see if any of the costs seem exorbitant or unnecessary.

Try to “cut out the middleman” and work with the transport company directly. Negotiate before you agree on a price. When you reach your port of destination, it is too late to change the price.

Flexibility in shipment dates can lead to a discount. You might be able to save some money when you consider an open versus closed container.

“Where Do I Get the Best Car Shipping Rate?”

Conduct research months in advance. Checking online can help you get started finding the best rates. Write down a list of local transport companies. Visit the transport company websites.

There are many independent websites that will offer objective reviews of the services you are considering. Look for testimonials of former customers.

When you are ready, contact three or four firms by phone; try to get a written quote broken down into smaller parts. Compare fees that should be similar, like customs taxes. Ask why one firm charges a different fee for the same service.

Find the most sensible quote for the quality of service you expect for shipping your car.

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